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You can locate any member of staff using this page. Please use the alphabetical listing or type the name you are looking for in the Find box. Staff are listed alphabetically by surname, please bear in mind that anyone with two surnames will appear under the first. For instance, Ludwig Van Beethoven would be listed under "V" as Van Beethoven, Ludwig. If you use the Find box, one name is usually enough.
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  Imaginário, Jorge
  Joanaz de Melo, João
  Lacasta, Nuno
  Lencart e Silva, João
  Lima, Ana Teresa Maças
  Lobo, Jorge
  Lobo, Gonçalo
  Lopes, Pedro
  Lopes, Carma Cruz
  Lourenço, Telma
  Lourenço, Pedro
  Macedo, Luciana
  Mano, António Pedro
  Marques, Filipa
  Marques, Maria João
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