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Personal Information
Ms. Ana Sequeira
Email: ana@ecowin.org
Tel: 212 948 300
Ext: 10117
Academic qualifications
Date Obtained: 01/02/2005
University: Université de Liège
Course: Modelling the Marine Environment
Degree: M.Sc.
Date Obtained: 15/02/2003
University: Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Course: Applied Chemistry Branch Biotechnology
Degree: B.Sc.
Professional history
Total publications: 7
Total SCI publications: 4
Total SCI Impact Factor: 5.75
:: SCI Journals
1. J.G. Ferreira, A. Sequeira, A.J.S. Hawkins, A. Newton, T. Nickell, R. Pastres, J. Forte, A. Bodoy, S.B. Bricker 2009. Analysis of coastal and offshore aquaculture: application of the FARM model to multiple systems and shellfish species. Aquaculture, 289, 32-41. (SCI Impact factor:1.374)
2. A. Sequeira, J.G. Ferreira, A.J. Hawkins, A. Nobre, P. Lourenço, X.L. Zhang, X. Yan, T. Nickell 2008. Trade-offs between shellfish aquaculture and benthic biodiversity: A modelling approach for sustainable management. Aquaculture, 274, 313-328 (SCI Impact factor:1.374)
3. J.G. Ferreira, A.J.S. Hawkins, P. Monteiro, H. Moore, M. Service, P.L. Pascoe, L. Ramos, A. Sequeira 2008. Integrated Assessment of Ecosystem-Scale Carrying Capacity in Shellfish Growing Areas. Aquaculture, 275, 138-151. (SCI Impact factor:1.374)
4. Ferreira, J. G., A. M. Nobre, T. C. Simas, M. C. Silva, A. Newton, S. B. Bricker, W. J. Wolff, P.E. Stacey, A. Sequeira 2006. A methodology for defining homogeneous water bodies in estuaries - Application to the transitional systems of the EU Water Framework Directive. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 66 (3/4), 468-482. (SCI Impact factor:1.633)
:: Books
1. Ferreira J.G., Hawkins A.J.S., Monteiro P., Service M., Moore H., Edwards A., Gowen R., Lourenço P., Mellor, A., Nunes J.P., Pascoe P.L., Ramos L., Sequeira A., Simas T., Strong J. 2007. SMILE - Sustainable Mariculture in northern Irish Lough Ecosystems - Assessment of Carrying Capacity for Environmentally Sustainable Shellfish Culture in Carlingford Lough, Strangford Lough, Belfast Lough, Larne Lough and Lough Foyle. IMAR, 2007, 100pp.
:: International Conference Proceedings
1. C. Matos, A. Sequeira, S. Velizarov, Mª A. Reis and João Crespo 2004. Application of IEMB for perchlorate and nitrate removal from water with high and low salinity. In Proceedings of IWA -World Water Congress and Exhibition, Marrakech
2. S. Velizarov, A. Sequeira, Mª A. Reis and P. Crespo 2003. Removal of trace non-valents inorganic pollutants using IEMB concept. In Proceedings of Permea, Checoslóvaquia.
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