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Personal Information
António Câmara
Email: asc@fct.unl.pt
Ext: 10119
Academic qualifications
Professional history
Total publications: 58
Total SCI publications: 15
Total SCI Impact Factor: 16.81
:: SCI Journals
1. Gouveia C., F. Ferreira, R. Nicolau and A. Câmara 2007. Collaborative Monitoring of Chlorine Flavours in Drinking Water, Water Science and Technology, Vol 55, Iss 5, 7-84. (SCI Impact factor:0.875)
2. Serpa, J., A.S. Câmara, E. Nobre, I. Franco e N. Cardoso 2005. "Tangible Interfaces for Colalborative Water Resources Management", Journal of Environmental Management (aceite para publicação). (SCI Impact factor:1.163)
3. Romão, T., N. Correia, E. Dias, J.C. Danado, e A.S: Câmara 2004. "Augmented Environments", Computers & Graphics, 28, 5, 625. (SCI Impact factor:0.206)
4. Gouveia, C., A. Fonseca, A. Camara, F. Ferreira 2004. Promoting the use of environmental data collected by concerned citizens through information and communication technologies. Journal of Environmental Management. Vol. 21, no. 2 (June 2004): p. 135-154. (SCI Impact factor:1.163)
5. J.J. Melo, A. Câmara 1994. Invited review: Models for the optimization of regional wastewater treatment systems. European Journal of Operational Research, 73 (1), 1-16. (SCI Impact factor:0.824)
6. P. Antunes, A. Câmara 1992. HyperAIA — an Integrated System for Environmental Impact Assessment, Journal of Environmental Management, 35, 93-111. (SCI Impact factor:1.163)
7. Câmara, A.S., F.C. Ferreira, J.E. Fialho, and E. Nobre 1991. Pictorial simulation applied to water quality modeling. Water Science & Technology, 24, 6, 275-281 (SCI Impact factor:0.875)
8. Seixas, J., A. Câmara, P. Antunes, M. Pinheiro 1991. Accommodating Structural Change in Environmental Systems: he Approach of Qualitative Simulation, JOURNAL OF FORECASTING, Vol. 10 (1&2), 211-230. (SCI Impact factor:0.4)
9. Câmara A., F. Ferreira, P. Loucks, J. Seixas, 1990. Multidimensional Simulation applied to Water Resources Management, Water Resources Research, 26:9, 1877-1886. (SCI Impact factor:1.939)
10. Rodrigues, A.C., Silva, M.C., Câmara, A.S., Fernandes, T.F., & Gomes Ferreira, J. 1988. Dispersion modelling for a complex estuary - The case of the Tagus. Water Sci. & Tech., 20 (6/7), 271-276. (SCI Impact factor:0.875)
11. Câmara A., M. Pinheiro, P. Antunes and J. Seixas 1987. A new method for Qualitative Simulation of Water Resources Systems - 1 Theory, WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH, 23:11, 2015-2018. (SCI Impact factor:1.939)
12. Antunes, P., J. Seixas, Câmara A. and M. Pinheiro 1987. A new method for Qualitative Simulation of Water Resources Systems – 2 Applications" WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH, 23:11, 2019-2022. (SCI Impact factor:1.939)
13. Câmara, A.S., Silva, M.C., Ramos, L., & Ferreira, J.G. 1987. TEJO1 - An interactive program for the division of estuaries into homogeneous areas. Water Sci. & Tech., 19, 43-51. (SCI Impact factor:0.875)
14. A. Câmara, J.J. Melo, D. Pereira 1987. Optimization of regionalized wastewater treatment systems for the River Ave basin. Water Science and Technology, 19 (9), 175-182. (SCI Impact factor:0.875)
15. A.S. Câmara, A.P. Mano, M.G. Martinho, M.P. Marques, J.N. Nunes, T.C. Lopes, A. Cabeleira 1986. An Economic-Ecological Model For Regional Land-Use Planning (SCI Impact factor:1.7)
:: National Journals
1. J. J. Melo, A. S. Câmara, D. F. Pereira 1987. Optimização de sistemas regionalizados de tratamento de efluentes - o modelo OPPTAR3. Revista Dossier Ambiente da APEA. Nº 1, 71-85
:: International Journals
1. Danado, J.C., E. Dias, T. Romão, N. Correia, e A.S. Câmara 2005. "Mobile Environmental Visualization", The Cartographic Journal, 42, 1, 61.
2. Dekkers, J., H. Scholten e A.S. Câmara 2004. "The AquaMobile Case - Challenges of Geovisualisation on Mobile Devices", European Journal of Navigation 2, 2, 57.
3. Câmara, A.S. 2002. "Micro-Geography, A New Frontier", GeoFocus, 1, 2, 1, (editorial).
4. Câmara, A.S., F.C. FERREIRA, E. Nobre, and J.E. Fialho 1994. Pictorial Modeling of Dynamic Systems, Systems Dynamics Review, Fall 1994
5. Câmara A., F. Ferreira, P. Loucks, J. Seixas 1992. Multidimensional Simulation applied to Water Resources Management, Simulation, August 1992, 139-142.
:: Books
1. Câmara, A.S 2002. Environmental Systems- A Multidimensional Approach, Oxford University Press, New York. (http://gasa.dcea.fct.unl.pt/camara/index.html).
:: Chapters In Books
1. Neves, J.N. e A.S. Câmara 2005. "Virtual Environments and GIS", Paul Longley, Michael Goodchild, David Maguire e David Rhind, eds., Geographic Information Systems, John Wiley, New York (unabridged version).
2. Gouveia, C., A. Fonseca, B. Condessa e A.S. Câmara 2005. "Citizens as Mobile Nodes of Environmental Collaborative Monitoring Networks", Elsa João, ed., Mobile and Dynamic GIS, Taylor & Francis, London.
3. Câmara, A.S. 2005. "Location Based Games", in Paul Longley, Michael Goodchild, David Maguire e David Rhind, Geographic Information Systems and Science, John Wiley, Chichester.
4. Câmara, A.S., Dias, E., 2003. "Location Based Services for WAP Phone Users in a Shopping Centre", Graham Clark and John Stilwell, eds. Applied GIS and Spatial Analysis, John Wiley, London.
5. Câmara, A.S. 2003. "Geographical Information and Third Generation Mobile Phones", J. Carcia Cuesta, ed., Ciência Y Tecnologia de Informacion Geografica, AGE,Burgos.
6. Câmara, A.S. 2002. "Virtual Reality and the Simulation of Land Uses in Europe", in J. Stilwell and H. Scholten, eds., Land Use Simulation for Europe, Kluwer, Dordrecht.
7. Câmara, A., F. Ferreira and P. Castro 1996. Spatial Simulation Modeling in M. Fisher, H. Scholten and D. Unwin, (eds.), Spatial Analytical Tools for Environmental Systems, Taylor and Francis, London, 201-212.
8. Fonseca, A., C. Gouveia, A. Câmara and F. Ferreira 1994. Geographic Information Systems and Multimedia Technologies for Water Resources Environmental Impact Assessment, in M.A. Santos and G. Tsakiris, (eds.), Advances in Water Resources Technology and Management, Balkema, Rotterdam, 1994.
:: International Conference Proceedings
1. J. Hipolito, A. Câmara 2008. Surrounded by high-tech environmental persuasion - Possibilities for new expressive surfaces. Changing the Change - An international conference on the role and potential of design research in the transition towards sustainability, Turim, Itália, Julho 2008
2. T. Romão, J. Hipolito, N. Correia, A. Câmara, J. Danado 2007. Interactive Public Ambient Displays for Environmental Persuasion. Second International Conference on Persuasive Technology, Stanford University, CA, Abril 2007 (poster)
3. Câmara, A.S. 2005. Applications of Pervasive Computing", eCAAD Conference, Lisboa, Portugal, (Keynote Speech).
4. Abreu, J., H. Scholten e A.S. Câmara 2005. Spatial Data Infrastructures to Support Emergency Management", GIS Planet, Lisboa, Portugal, 2005.
5. Câmara, A.S 2005. "Inovations in Pervasive Computing", ACM SIGSOFT Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, 2005 (Keynote Speech).
6. Câmara, A.S 2005. Micro-Geographic Information Systems", GIS Planet, Lisboa, Portugal, 2005 (Keynote Speech).
7. Câmara, A.S., J. Serpa, J. Batalha, E. Nobre et al 2005. Geo-Virtual Reality Interactive Tools for Participatory Planning: the Barreiro Case-Study", GIS Planet, Lisboa, Portugal, 2005.
8. Câmara, A.S. 2005. Invisible Computing and Geographic Information Systems". AGILE Conference, Lisboa, Portugal, 2005 (Keynote Speech).
9. Serpa, J., E. Nobre, I. Franco e A.S. Câmara 2004. Tangible Interfaces for Visualization of Geographic Data in Collaborative Environments", Ubigis Conference, Gavle, Suécia, 2004.
10. Danado, J.C., E. Dias, T. Romão, N. Correia e A.S. Câmara 2004. A Multi-user Mobile System to Visualize Environmental Processes", Geoinformatics, Gavle, Suécia
11. Gouveia, C., A. Fonseca e A.S. Câmara 2003. Citizens as Mobile Sensors for Environmental Collaborative Monitoring", International Conference on Public Participation and Information Technologies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA, 2003.
12. Gouveia, C., A. Fonseca e A.S. Camara 2003. "Multimedia Spatial Tools For Environmental Collaborative Monitoring", 2nd Annual Public Participation GIS Conference URISA, Portland Oregon, 2003.
13. Serpa, J., E. Nobre, I. Franco, N. Cardoso, A. Lobo, M. Costa e A.S. Câmara 2003. "TangiTable: 80 000 Simulating Pollutant Dispersion", Proceedings of Human-Computer Interaction 2003, Athens, Greece.
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15. M. Costa, J. Serpa, A.S. Câmara et al 2002. Scalable DisPar: A Component Based Application for 2D Advection-Diffusion Distributed Simulation", AI, Simulation and Planning, Society for Computer Simulation, Lisboa, 2002.
16. M. Costa., J. Serpa, F. Lobo, P. Lourenço, E. Nobre e A.S. Câmara 2002. ScalableDisPar: an interoperable distributed application to 2D advection-Diffusion Simulation." In Hydroinformatics 2002. Volume 2. Cardiff, UK.
17. Romão, T. N. Correia, E. Dias, A.S. Câmara et al 2002. Augmenting Reality with Geo-Referenced Information for Environmental Management", ACM GIS' 02, Mc Lean, VA, 2002.
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