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Personal Information
Filipa Vazquez
Email: filipa.vazquez@gmail.com
Academic qualifications
Professional history
Total publications: 6
Total SCI publications: 1
Total SCI Impact Factor: 1.37
:: SCI Journals
1. J.G. Ferreira, C. Saurel, J.D. Lencart e Silva, J.P. Nunes, F. Vazquez 2014. Modelling of interactions between inshore and offshore aquaculture. Aquaculture, 426–427, 154-164. (SCI Impact factor:1.374)
:: Books
1. J.G. Ferreira, J.G., C. Saurel, J.P. Nunes, L. Ramos, J.D. Lencart e Silva, F. Vazquez, Ø. Bergh, W. Dewey, A. Pacheco, M. Pinchot, C. Ventura Soares, N. Taylor, W. Taylor, D. Verner-Jeffreys, J. Baas, J.K. Petersen, J. Wright,V. Calixto, M. Rocha 2013. FORWARD - Framework for Ria Formosa Water Quality, Aquaculture, and Resource Development. Ed. IMAR - Institute of Marine Research. pp. 224.
:: International Conference Proceedings
1. J.G. Ferreira, J.D. Lencart e Silva, J.P. Nunes, C. Saurel, F. Vazquez, Ø. Bergh, N. Taylor, D. Verner-Jeffreys. 2013. Moving FORWARD with IMTA Interactions between offshore IMTA and inshore aquaculture. Aquaculture 2013 – Nashville, USA, 21-25 February 2013. Oral presentation
2. C. Saurel, J.G. Ferreira, J. Lencart e Silva, J. P. Nunes, L. Ramos, F. Vazquez 2013. Integrated modelling of goods and services provided by aquaculture to coastal systems. TWAM, Aveiro Portugal 16-20 March 2013 Oral presentation
3. C. Saurel, J.G. Ferreira, M.J. Botelho, M. Caetano, J. Lencart e Silva, D. Matias, J.P. Nunes, L.Ramos, M. Rocha, F. Soares, C. Vale, F. Vazquez 2011. Ecosystem-based approach: the FORWARD project - Framework for Ria Formosa water quality, aquaculture, and resource development CERF 2011: 21st Biennial Conference of the Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation, 6-10 November 2011, Daytona Beach, USA. Oral presentation.
4. C. Saurel, J.G. Ferreira, C. Vale, M. Caetano, L. Ramos, M. J. Botelho, J. Lencart e Silva, D. Matias, J. P. Nunes, F. Soares, F. Vazquez, A. Furtado, V. Calixto 2010. FORWARD: Framework for Ria Formosa Water Quality. Aquaculture, And Resource Development. Aquaculture Europe 2010: “Seafarming tomorrow”, 5-8 October. Porto, Portugal. Poster.
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